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“When I called 1-800-Medicine, their accredited suppliers met all of my Diabetic supply needs at almost no out-of-pocket costs!”
At 1-800-Medicine, we only work with accredited Medicare providers who know how to keep your out of pocket costs to a minimum. By assembling the best team of experts, we simplify the entire process. We ensure a quality experience from order through billing and delivery.
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Welcome to 1-800-Medicine: a new approach to the sale and delivery of medical products and services.

Although advances in medical technology have added years to the average lifespan, the rapidly increasing costs associated with healthcare can cause the quality of those years to be stressful. As the medical industry becomes more fragmented and healthcare becomes more expensive, patients donít know where to turn for help when they require a specific product or service. Even Medicare, the largest consumer of medical products and services, is undergoing a fundamental shift by driving its providers to competitive bidding.

The mission of 1-800-Medicine is to take the confusion out of staying healthy. As a consumer, you can expect 1-800-Medicine to help you fulfill a variety of medical product and service needs, from diabetes management, to durable goods and emergency services. We carefully select the best and highest quality accredited providers and aggregate those many components under one brand, accessible through one phone number. 1-800-Medicine is a premier source for identifying and satisfying consumer healthcare needs.

Through 1-800-Medicine, the consumer gets a greater choice in service providers, and in turn can make the best choice for their current financial and medical situation. From the doctorís office to the hospital to emergency services, 1-800-Medicine is the source to call when a customer needs access to a medical product or service.